Friday, July 23, 2010

NY Mini Race Performance and Meeting Meb

The NYRR New York Mini 10K race was well over a month ago now and it just hit me that I didn't wrap it up with a performance report!

I had a phenomenal time. The New York Road Runners Club is known for there large and well organized events and the entertainment portion was no exception. The sound crew was awesome and everything went off without a hitch. I played a few songs before the race and a set after the race and right before the awards ceremony. Some one even came up to request one of my pre-show songs again which was super cool.

Thanks to the wonders of twitter I had been able to recognize a nyrr photographer who had been tweeting that he was covering the show. As a result I was able to get the pics he took of me onstage immediately after the show. All he asked was that I give him photo credit. So here are a few master shots taken by Michael Chadwick. If you happen to be looking for a photographer check out his website or follow him on twitter @ChadwickPhotog

I was happy to see several other of my tweeps there. Before the show I saw @Ashmoe of and fame. I also managed to play the BoldPaceMusic blog's pick for running song of the week last week, "Engineering Masterpiece," while @BklynRunner was in earshot (which was a song she had personally requested.) After the show I saw @herroyaltallnes jamming out and snapping pics. I officially met @Running_Fox for the first time and @SpeedySasquatch even stopped by. I recognized a few other people from facebook as well. Special thanks to my sweetie @Hickey462 for playing roadie and toting my gear around (the parking was quite a feat as well.)

As I was leaving I found myself a few feet from one of my running heros, and let's face it the hero of many female runners of our generation, Kara Goucher! I was too shy and in too much of a hurry to stand in the line of adoring fans but I did snap a quick camera phone shot as I walked by.

Speaking of running celebrities in my "I intended to blog about this a long time ago," vault.... Check out this great autograph I got from last year's ING New York City Marathon winner Meb Keflezighi! I got it while attending a sponsored event at the Run Footlocker store on Union Square back in April. I decided it would mean more to me to have him sign my Runner's World to Lady Southpaw and tried desperately to explain my concept as quickly as possible (as there was a long line fans waiting.) He actually humored me with his very sweet message of "To: Lady Southpaw, Best wishes & Thank you for writing songs to Runners. Run to Win, Meb." This one is definitely going into a frame to be hung in my "music studio" (AKA bedroom.)