Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lady Southpaw Wants You!

I’m psyched to announce I’m already on the roster to play the NYC Half again in 2011! I had a really great time playing for the runners last year and I would love to continue to play big events like this because they’re just plain fun.

This goes hand in hand with my other announcement which is that I’m sick of Lady Southpaw being a one woman show. I’m sick of messing with backing tracks and drum loops. I want to let go and sweat and really have a good time! I’ve been talking about a band for awhile and it’s pointless waiting for it to happen organically; I am officially on the search! I’m primarily looking for a bassist and a drummer so if you know anyone in the NYC area please send them my way.

To contact me regarding the band write to ladysouthpawmusic (at) gmail (dot) com. Send me something about yourself, your influences and why you’d be interested in being part of a “running rock” band. I will then contact you with the follow up info.

Posting info:
Looking for musicians to form a “running rock” band

Who: Required - Bass & Drums (be very comfortable with the tempo 180 bpm or 90 bpm)
Other instrumentalists, percussionists, beat-makers and key board players are also welcome to audition
Musicians who are runners and ladies are especially encouraged to audition, but it is not a requirement (good musicianship is of course the most important thing.)

What: A female fronted alt/punk/garage-y up tempo rock band to perform a mix of covers and originals at running related events. In order to be “running” music it must have a bpm of 180 or up so covers may be sped up. Think “Me First and the Gimme Gimmes” for the covers. Will also perform some existing Lady Southpaw originals with the potential of collaborating on new songs moving forward. Some influences include: Patti Smith, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Blondie, The Pretenders, Dead Weather, Metric, Florence and the Machine, PJ Harvey, Liz Phair, Janis Joplin, Joan Jett, The Who, The Ramones, Weezer, Green Day, Arctic Monkeys, Spoon, The Hold Steady...

Where: at running races, expos, post race parties or anywhere else runners want to hang out and party.

When: ASAP! Will be playing at the NYC Half Marathon, March 2011

How: Auditions... a studio in NYC please contact for details