Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Calling All Runners: Try Out A Song!

Songs for Running is the new Lady Southpaw 6 song E.P. I put it together with the tempo and attitude of an ideal running experience. Using computer beats, guitars, my vocals and various other instruments each song plays a different role for various stages of a run. Some are more meditative to get you through the long haul while others motivate for a burst of speed. All are written with a consistent beat to keep you going. It is my intention to keep writing because you can't train for a marathon on only 6 songs. Help me make sure I'm on the right track so the songs will get runners on their feet.

I will give you a song for no charge if you take it for a run and let me know how it goes. Once the songs go live on iTunes they will be the usual .99 each.

You can get an idea of my sound by listening to older songs I have already posted (see my website or the in the left column.) Right now the only way to get one of the Songs for Running is to write to ladysouthpawmusic@gmail.com. Please include a brief note about what kind of music you usually listen to while running and your average steps per minute if you know it to help me choose the song for you.

If this takes off you can brag that you were there giving your input at the beginning ;)

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