Monday, September 14, 2009

The Superb Stuff Series

Introducing the "Superb Stuff Series." Basically, it's an excuse for me to highlight a bunch of brands and companies that I think are cool. First, a disclaimer: none of the companies I mention in this series are sponsoring me or giving me anything to spotlight them. I may have some inside knowledge of the company but that is probably what makes me think they are awesome.

Generally, I am not someone who gets caught up in designer labels or fashion for the sake of being trendy. However, in an age where it seems we are ruled by corporate America it is tough not to be affected by the constant din of marketing. Our main source of power in this relationship is the ability distinguish between what's quality and what's crap and throw our money and support in the direction of the quality stuff. If I see someone or an organization succeeding in a worthy mission (or trying to) I have to give them a shout out.

Don't be surprised if several of the companies presented are geared towards young-ish, female, fitness-minded, creative types. If you are reading this you probably share at least some of those traits or have someone in your life who does. I tend to like stuff that serves a function and is also a little funky.

The first example is SkirtSports. It was founded by pro triathlete, Nicole DeBoom. The idea was the result of her dissatisfaction with typical athletic attire that "had no sass or femininity." So, she set out to create "a line of fun edgy, sexy, women's fitness apparel."

The reason I'm starting with SkirtSports is that this month is the five year anniversary of DeBoom winning Ironman Wisconsin wearing a hand-sewn prototype that she designed. As a result they are doing Five Weeks of Giveaways to celebrate the landmark. Check out the SkirtSports site and the giveaways including: gift certificates, great training accessories and deluxe entries into a SkirtChaser event.

Why I like them:

I have heard people question the idea of a running skirt and say it makes you look like a less serious athlete. I couldn't disagree more. The skirt is one of the most comfortable and most graceful articles of clothing. Seriously, I feel sorry for guys missing out on them! The fact that SkirtSports is headed by a hardcore female athlete makes them feel downright empowering.

I love my electric blue "Sweetest Thing Tatoo" capri-skirt combo. It's light, flatters my figure and there are some well placed pockets. The picture left is of me running on the Coney Island boardwalk in the last leg of the Brooklyn Half Marathon.

SkirtSports products are not cheap. As some one who is not rolling in cash I wouldn't be able to fill my running wardrobe with them, but a piece or two is well worth the price because they are quality. Sure you can find cheaper running skirts but back to my original point that sometimes it's worth paying a little more for some innovative vision.

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