Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Running Song #5: Why I Run

All this packing is making my brain soft (I'm going away for a month see blog from 6/12.) Instead of leaving my blog on a marketing note, I'd rather leave it with a song. The song "Why I Run" has a special place in my heart. It is the most basic, stripped down song in the set. It's just guitar, a beat and my vocals. I was inspired to write it after reading a blog by my friend Lela titled, Why I Run. I am always touched by stories from runners who run for something bigger than just looking fit or being fast (not that there's anything wrong with either of those things.) It has become a great way shed light on causes and lost loved ones by participating in a running event and raising money for charity while doing it. There is a whole higher level of strength that is drawn from making something emotional into a social and physical event. It is so healing.

When I started to get into the song I wanted to focus on some one in my life that I draw strength from when I feel weak (on runs and in life) and it got me thinking about my Dad. Thank god, he's still with us and in good health (knocking vigorously on wood right now) but in my early days of running when I wanted to quit I would think of my Dad, his discipline and how he would approach difficult moments. Then I'd know that I had to hang in through those parts.

It's on those runs where you overcome your mental barriers and face the tough stuff that you have the most rewarding breakthroughs.


Jess said...

Have a fabulous trip. Eat lots of pasta for me. And run your ass off. I'll miss you and see you in July.

Lela said...

Thank you for this, Erin! Hope you have a wonderful trip, see you soon. Thanks for stopping by on Sunday!

Lady Southpaw said...

Ciao ladies! Miss you too :) See you in a month!