Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lady Southpaw, All Business

This past weekend I managed to run a race on Saturday and play a race on Sunday. It was exhausting but it was the fun kind of exhausting so it's all good. My man Chris was a real trooper for driving me and all my equipment to Hoboken to do a set alongside the Hoboken Harriers (HOHA) 5 mile Classic. The people were very kind and it was a great chance to test out some of my new songs. Chris managed to get some video so I spliced it together and made a little Youtube vignette.

This Saturday, May 23rd I will be playing on Roosevelt Island as part of the Run for Children's Rights.

The Run for Children's Rights is an event sponsored by ECPAT- End Child Prostitution and Trafficking. It is an event to help fundraise for the organization and help raise awareness of the disturbing trend of child exploitation in the forms of prostitution, pornography, sex tourism and trafficking by Americans in Asian countries. It is a worthy cause that would be hard to disagree with. Even if you can't make the event please consider making a donation:

It should be a fun event with a 5K race, music and raffles. I will be taking the stage before the race to get the runners charged up.

For more info about ECPAT and the event go here:

Also this week I opened a store front on Spread Shirt so you can now get a "Running Rocks - Lady Southpaw" t-shirt.

I made some of them to be good for running so they are a bit pricier but high quality. I took very little commission because I want people to wear them ;) There are a range of shirts including some cotton ones with an original logo I made to cut the cost. I think they're cool (but then I'm like their mother.)


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This is my first visit to you blog and I wanted to congratulate you on a great job. Love the topic, nice tunes and well done.

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