Friday, May 15, 2009

Running Song #2- To Be Alone

Today I am posting the second in my series of running songs. It is called "To Be Alone." The tempo is 170 b.p.m. (beats per minutes) which is 10 b.p.m. faster than the first song "If You Had a Life to Kill." Yet, on first impression it may feel slower. This is because the melody is in half time but the beats themselves are still quite fast.

Every moment of every run is not about pushing the speed. Anyone who has done long distance running like marathon training knows that there are long periods where you are just sustaining and you are almost relaxed while running. This is when running is like meditation in motion. It is a time to focus on breathing, being in the moment and letting all the usual everyday garbage that clutters the mind drain away for awhile. Running can also be a solitary experience. It is a good time to face your demons and make peace with yourself. "To Be Alone" is about this type of running experience.

Fun thing to listen for:

In my rough version I had some choral sounding backup vocals. I felt they were too much for the whole song but I ended up keeping them faintly in the background toward the end of the song. They have some effects on them which makes them harder to recognize.

Some plugs for today:

Thanks to Kelly F. from "Races in Places" for featuring me in yesterday's blog!

I booked another race gig! It is the Run for Children's Rights 5K on May 23rd. More details on that to come...


atrusni said...

Heyy!!, take pictures of your gigs!!, great job on the songs!!. It's great that you are having the opportunity to play at those races!!

I will be playing with my band next weekend at the inauguration of some soccer fields. I will let you know also how that works out!

Dawn said...

omg - you're so cute i can't stand it! i LOVE the new songs - all downloaded to my shuffle. keep on rockin!