Friday, May 8, 2009

Running Song #1- "If You Had a Life to Kill"

Today I am streaming the first of my 6 Songs for Running on my website. You can play it with the widget in the left column. It is called:

"If You Had a Life to Kill"

The tempo for most of the songs for running is 180 beats per minute (b.p.m.) to reflect the ideal of 180 steps per minute in your running stride. However, the first three songs of the 6 are intended as a warm-up for this cadence in case you are not used to that fast of a tempo. "If You Had a Life to Kill" is 160 b.p.m. So if you were to count the strides of your left foot in one minute of running it would be 80 strides. This is actually the tempo I was running at when I first started counting my steps.

One fun thing to listen for:

A couple months ago I was lucky enough borrow an accordion from my boyfriend's Italian grandmother. They are from the northern mountains of Italy very near Austria. It's so cool. It makes an appearance in the background of "If You had a Life to Kill" about halfway through (at the second chorus.)

If you are interested in trying this song out for a run it is not yet available for sale but in the meantime you can write me at:


Also I got some new pictures taken by:

Misha, the photographer, was great I would highly recommend her.

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atrusni said...

Hello!!, you knwo I have been hearing some of your songs alrady!!. I like your songs!!, even to hear them while I am not running!!, keep up the good work!!, and keep up blogging!