Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Racing Rock Street Performance!

One of my goals as Lady Southpaw is to play at racing events. Anyone who has ever been to the big Marathon here in New York knows that there are musicians all along the race route. One day soon I would like to be one of those musicians! Another growing phenomenon in marathon racing is the "Rock 'n' Roll" marathon (or country music, insert your genre here.) They can be found in San Diego, San Jose, Seattle, and Arizona to name a few.

So in this spirit I'm excited to announce this weekend I will be playing at the 11th Annual HOHA Classic 5 Mile Race. The people of the Hoboken Harriers were kind enough to let me take some of my songs for spin and debut my race rock act.

Proceeds from the race, which winds along the Hoboken waterfront and through the campus of Stevens Institute of Technology, will benefit the Jubilee Family Life Center, a non-denominational community center in Hoboken that provides job training and after school youth programs.

Please stop by if your in the Hoboken area this weekend. If all goes well there will be more races to come!


Sunday May 17th

Pier A Park

Hoboken, NJ 07030

10:00 AM

Race info on:

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Jess said...

Rock on! I love it.